GST Billing Accounting Software!

Smart Office - Designed especially for SME enterprises in India. A cloud-based business solution in 4 areas i.e. GST Billing, Accounting, Marketing & Communication .

It provides the best security of data in the technology. Can keep multiple company accounts under one parent management group & get consolidated reports. Can do control on every user's activity in the Smart Office by role defined access i.e.Owner, Staff, Auditor, Consultant. Generate a flexible and particular report as per clients, tax slabs, and date range.

GST Return - Our system generated JSON files make your accountant's work easy. It gives excel files too.

Smart Office

Key Features

  • GST Billing

    Cloud based billing with easy GST Returns using our JSON files

  • Accounting

    Cloud based accounting - Journal, Ledger,Trial Balance & Balance Sheet


  • Business Website

    Your own website portal for GST & Smart Office.

  • Business Email

    Powerful email with your company domain name

Cloud GST Billing & Accounting Software Pricing

App Description Validity Price Buy Now
Smart Office Lite GST Billing + GST Returns+ Reports One Year Rs. 5,000/- + 18% GST Click here
Smart Office Silver GST Business Website Portal One Year Rs. 24,000/- + 18% GST Click here
Smart Office Platinum GST Business Website Portal+ Company Name with padlock + Own Server One Year Rs. 90,000/- + 18% GST Click here
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